Terra's First
A.T.L.O. is a space industry acronym for Assembly, Test and Launch Operations. Atlo is a launchpad where all decisions are made through community governance. Builders engage with a committed, informed and liquid community dedicated to supporting great ideas. Investors decide what gets launched.
You choose. We launch.
Investing is already difficult. It need not also be complicated. Likewise, securing funding is a challenge. It should not distract from the priority of creating. Our launch and investment structure relies on the most elegant and efficient solution possible.
Transparency is a cornerstone of earning trust. All decisions and actions are done in plain sight and on the record to ensure all act with integrity and in the interests of the greater good. There are no hidden agendas or mis-aligned motivations.
A community thrives when just incentives for individuals align with the protection and benefit of all. Commitment, diligence and participation are incentivized, rather than luck, raw capital. When we thrive together, we rise together.
How it works
Proposal Submission
Proposal Evaluation & Voting
Proposal Decision
Token Launch 🚀
Token Generation Event
Post Launch Evaluation
For Investors
Have a say in which projects launch. Always be fully aware of all the details. Be a part of a community where everyone gets a fair chance to invest in projects they believe in. Connect directly with the builders, and with fellow investors looking for great ideas which produce great returns. Be rewarded for participating in the governance of the protocol.
For Builders
Get a full service from a team with expertise in launching projects so you can remain focused on building great products. Connect directly and exchange ideas with a community as vested in your success as you are. Launch with the backing and support of a team fully focused on putting your project into orbit.
Together, we rise. A community that supports and trusts one another, thrives through collaboration.
Optimise for the best possible outcome by providing a transparent and trustless framework that aligns incentives for all participants.
Be the genesis for the next generation of crypto innovation by helping the best product go to market supported by an informed community of investors.